Motivation is important in life for many reasons. For one, motivation can serve as the driving force that moves you forward. Without motivation, you might end up being stuck in the same place for the rest of your life. If you want to be in a better place and achieve greatness, then you need to start finding and cultivating your sense of motivation now. In literature, particularly, motivation is hailed as one of the characteristics that a successful and praiseworthy character possesses. Many books tend to talk about it in a very positive way to convince their readers to have motivation in life.

Strong Boy, Weak Man by Earl Robert Key is an example of a book that highlights the importance of having motivation. It is a heartwarming tale of a man named Michael DeAngelo who, in spite of serious learning deficiencies and family issues, is able to achieve his special goals by being motivated. In essence, this book reveals the intense motivation by Earl Robert Key to weave a story and invent a character that will not just amaze the readers, but also inspire them. If there is one important lesson that you can learn from Earl Robert Key’s inspiring novel, it is that being motivated can take you to places. As mentioned, there plenty of reasons why it is important to have motivation in life.

Motivation builds your self-confidence

More often than not, the only thing that is preventing your from achieving a certain goal is yourself. When you are not confident enough about yourself, you tend to become inactive and stagnant in life. Motivation then is what can drive you to push forward. In essence, motivation can build your self-confidence. When you have the motivation to achieve your goal, confidence becomes a by-product of the little steps that you take to succeed.  When you are constantly motivated, excuses no longer occupy a space in your life. Instead of always letting yourself be the hindrance to your own success, you come to develop an attitude that knows how to push through barriers.

Motivation fights against your doubts and fears

Doubts and fears are the archenemies of success. Doubt over oneself and fear of failure, particularly, are so common that they can literally stop a person from taking action over his or her life. When you constantly harbor doubts and fears, you have the tendency to develop a passive and negative attitude. Such attitude cannot take you anywhere, of course. This is one of the main reasons why you need to find some motivation in your life. Motivation can be so powerful that it can fight against your doubts and fears. When you are a motivated person, you can easily kick doubt and fear in the ass by having the attitude and mindset that convince you to do anything anyway, no matter what you are feeling. In essence, motivation helps you see the bigger picture all the time. It is the best weapon against fear and doubt.

Motivation leads you toward success

Without motivation, success is unachievable. Finding motivation is always the first step toward the achievement of a goal. Basically, motivation is what helps you realize your most essential goal. More importantly, it is what forces you to take action. When you are always motivated, you tend to have the constant desire to change your life for the better. Motivation keeps you from settling for less. It pushes you toward your goal, and it prevents you from being distracted by the difficulties and nuisances of life. In essence, motivation is the magnetic force that pulls you toward success. Without it, you might never come to see the realization and achievement of your goals.

In conclusion, motivation is a crucial part of self-development. Without it, it would be difficult for you to achieve anything in life. Having motivation essentially allows you to look at yourself in various, beautiful ways. It builds your self-confidence, and it erases the doubts and fears that might have always prevented you from reaching your full potential. By being constantly motivated, you are allowing yourself to grow. The story of Michael DeAngelo in Earl Robert Key’s Strong Boy, Weak Man is a great example of this. Indeed, motivation, if coupled with great actions, can certainly take you to so many places!

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