Tips on Writing a Powerful Motivational Fiction Story

Literature is a platform of many purposes – one of them is to motivate. Many people read books, whether fiction or non-fiction, because they want to get some inspiration or motivation in life. They are looking for stories that can stir their passion for things and serve as their guiding examples. In literary fiction, particularly, motivational stories have always been in demand. These stories talk about a wide range of topics – courage, family, friendship, identity, love, etc. – that aim to inspire readers and even change the way they view life.

Strong Boy, Weak Man by Earl Robert Key is a great example of a fiction book that contains a powerful motivational theme. Its story revolves around the character of Michael DeAngelo Nicholas whose life consists of a series of hardships and disappointments. To name a few, he suffers from serious learning deficiencies and has some unhappy family issues. Despite this, however, the story of Michael DeAngelo finishes with a happy ending, all thanks to his intense motivation, drive, and determination. In general, Strong Boy, Weak Man is a beautiful story that emphasizes the importance of never giving up and being constantly determined, especially during the worst times.

If Earl Robert Key’s Strong Boy, Weak Man inspires you to write your very own motivation story, then you should keep reading! The rest of this article is going to give you some basic tips on writing a powerful motivational fiction story.

Communicate using your heart

Writing a motivational fiction story may sound simple at first. However, it is actually quite difficult once you already get into it. To make things easier for you, you need to make that you organize your ideas first before you start writing. In writing a story with such a delicate theme, it is necessary that you figure out beforehand what you want and need to say to the readers.

Usually, the purpose of a motivational fiction story is to make an impact on the lives of the readers. But to do this, you greatly need to appeal to their emotions. This entails that to create an effective story under this type of fiction, you need to have the ability to communicate with other people using your heart. Develop some empathy. Figure out the things that you are passionate about, and write a story that revolves around those things. This shall make it easier for you to write a story that can affect the readers on a deep level.

Make it relatable

All people have their fair share of struggles, which they are trying to overcome. You can use this as a foundation when writing a motivational story. Write stories about things that many people can relate to. Relatability is necessary in order to appeal to the emotions of other people, which is the first and most important step toward writing a powerful motivation fiction story. So, allow your story to be a reflection of reality. Make the readers ponder upon the message of your story, and convince them to apply the learnings that they gain from reading your work to their everyday lives.

Share what you have learned

It is impossible to write a motivational fiction story from out of nowhere. There are always some ideas or experiences behind every story. Especially in writing a motivational story, it is important for you, as an author, to have some experiences and learnings that you can share with other people. In the first place, you cannot inspire or motivate others when you yourself have not experienced anything valuable or worth pondering upon. So, to write a motivation fiction story, you need to share what you have learned from your experiences as much as possible.

When you share what you have learned with others, you provide them with some ideas on how to improve their lives. Your story can affect them in such a way that they are being guided. Even though your experiences may be entirely different from theirs, at the very least, the lessons that you share in your story can provide them with a glimmer of hope.

Overall, to write a powerful motivational fiction story like that of Earl Robert Key’s Strong Boy, Weak Man, you need to have the heart, experience, and generosity to share the things that you think can motivate other people. In writing a motivational story, your goal should not only be to appeal to the creativity and imagination of the readers, but also to their emotions. You should be able to stir intense feelings of passion within them in order to truly make an impact on their lives. Remember, the power of an effective motivational story lies not in its mere literary aesthetics, but rather in its ability to change the lives of its readers.




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